Family Law & Divorce In The Saint Petersburg, Florida Area


Contending With Difficult Circumstances

People don’t like to think of the place where they live as litigious. Florida is a locale many find peaceful, idyllic, and comfortable. But the difficulties of legal complication are not restricted from this land. While ideally, you’ll never need to consult an attorney specializing in family law or divorce, life may not give you that luxury. Families are so important; in the unfortunate event of a divorce, it’s important to have an attorney who will value your family and handle the case with care.

Family Law & Divorce In The Saint Petersburg, Florida Area

It’s essential to acquire an attorney who has a personalized and responsive approach to providing services to clients. This is more likely to be achieved in a small firm environment, like that of King Hudson | PLLC. We understand the importance of the attorney-client relationship, and prioritize it.

The attorney you choose to represent your family isn’t something you want to base on an advertisement encountered via billboard or webpage. This kind of decision requires personal interaction and trust; at King Hudson | PLLC, we’ll take the time to make sure you’re comfortable with us and provide you with information concerning our experience and qualifications to help you make your decision. Our firm handles several aspects of family law, including:

·         Divorce

·         Child Custody

·         Child Support

·         Child Visitation

·         Alimony/Spousal Support

·         Property Distribution

·         Domestic Violence

·         Marriage

·         Prenuptial Agreements

·         Father’s Rights

·         Minor Emancipation

A Brief Look At Potential Legal Situations

While it’s expected that divorce proceedings may lead to child custody, child support, and visitation issues, these things can come up outside of a direct divorce. If you marry someone who was previously divorce, it may be integral for you to seek legal assistance—especially if your spouse’s previous mate is trying to shirk legal duties. In such situations, we’ll make sure you know father’s rights and help you protect your new family.

Property distribution can become an issue without any divorce proceedings. If an older child  was to become hostile, it might be necessary for you to help them emancipate themselves. Domestic violence is something else you might need to contend with at some point; King Hudson | PLLC has the experience and sensitivity to help you navigate these difficult waters.

Family Law & Divorce

Meanwhile, if considering getting married, , it makes sense to know what kind of legal status marriage gives you, and whether or not a prenuptial agreement makes sense.

Protecting Your Family

These are all complicated legal matters, and approaching them without legal support can be expensive both in terms of cost and collateral impact. Some matters are time sensitive, while others aren’t. There are areas where you’ll need to be coached, like in the collection of visual or pictorial evidence, or what kind of plea to make.

Working with attorneys early on in a marriage can give you an idea of your legal position as a couple, and what recourse you have should things develop differently than anticipated. Ideally, this is a protection you’ll never need, but preparation is prudent.