Landlord And Tenant Disputes

Rent dispute

Get It In Writing

For landlord and tenant disputes, King Hudson | PLLC in St. Petersburg, Florida provides responsive, personalized, professional services which consider the details. We weigh options and available evidence to help you make the best moves, whether a landlord or a tenant.

One advisement is getting everything in writing. A paper trail protects you; but you need multiple signed copies. If you sign an agreement with a landlord, and don’t get a copy, it may as well not exist. If you’ve got a copy in writing, you can hold landlords accountable for compelling you to do that which you haven’t agreed to. A lessee not abiding by lease terms can’t be held accountable for anything if they haven’t signed any lease!

It’s easy to see why the wisest option for avoiding disputes will be anticipation of common issues and legally-binding agreements which are designed around them—but even so, disputes will come; having legal assistance can be key. There will always be instances where something happens that couldn’t be anticipated.


Disputes will happen outside the bounds of written agreements. For example, sometimes a tenant has a right to contest a foreclosure which may involve where they live. This forces the bank to prove their case.

Even if you don’t have a case against the bank, you can buy time as the case is heard. You may even find you have more options than you thought, if you work with he right legal group. Perhaps loan modification application will be in order, or other mitigating solutions for a tough situation.

Conversely, a tenant refusing to vacate property--though they be legally compelled--may require you to work with a legal firm to file a lawsuit for ejectment. Imagine receiving the title to real property through a judicial sale or tax deed, and having residents living there who refuse to leave, and become belligerent. Legal solutions can be key.

Avoiding Disputes

There are written agreements which include illegal demands—these are non-binding. Simultaneously, there are tenant activities which have the same quality. For example, contract stipulating payment through provision of an illegal substance won’t hold up in court; neither will a lessee running a criminal enterprise from rented property.

You can’t avoid all disagreements, but as a lessee or a lessor, having agreements “set in stone” through legally-binding leases signed by both parties avoids a lot of trouble. Working with King Hudson | PLLC can help you iron out lease contracts which are reasonable, legal, and help issues be resolved with less difficulty.

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