Quiet Title, Ejectment, and Eviction

Quiet Title, Ejection & Eviction

Protecting Your Rights

King Hudson | PLLC of St. Petersburg, Florida, can help you acquire responsive and professional legal services that are personalized. Such services are especially recommendable in situations where the law can be difficult to understand, and may provide you advantages (or disadvantages) you never realized. This is especially true when it comes to three specific areas: Quiet Title, Ejectment, and Eviction.

Quiet Title

You need a clear title for your property. If you’ve obtained a problematic title for “real property”, as it is called in legal circles, you may need to file a lawsuit for the acquisition of that legal documentation in a marketable way.

Especially in situations where a tax deed has been issued, you may need a quiet title in order to gain necessary jurisdiction for that which you legally own. Such a title “quiets” those who would challenge your ownership, or level a claim at the property otherwise. With clear possession, greater latitude can be attained.


Now for the sake of argument, say you’ve obtained a quiet title through a judicial sale, a tax deed, or some other avenue. What happens when, though you own the property, there are people living there who refuse to leave? Well, King Hudson | PLLC can be integral here, as we can file a lawsuit for “Ejectment” to ensure that which you own isn’t maligned by those who have no legal right to it.

Ejectment is different from eviction, in that those who are “ejected” may never have signed any lease with you. Accordingly, such situations have a propensity to be less legally involved than a basic eviction.


When you’ve got someone leasing your property from you, and they’re not abiding by the terms of their lease, or they’re doing something illegal which isn’t covered by the lease, but additionally puts both you and your property at risk. King Hudson | PLLC can help you out. We can tell you what you can include legally on a lease, and what is without the bounds of legal protection as regards to lessors and lessees.

Avoiding Legal Hassle

Ideally, the relationship between a landlord and a tenant shouldn’t be fraught with legal consequence, but the world isn’t ideal. Whether or not you’re embroiled in a conflict presently, it makes sense to have legal solutions like those available from King Hudson | PLLC on hand.

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